Anonine VPN Review

Anonine VPN Short Review Anonine VPN is a Swedish company that has begun to offer single-server VPN services. Today Anonine has 44 VPN Servers (800+ IP addresses) in 32 countries. With Anonine, you can connect VPNs with many types of devices and from most operating systems, and you’ll have a different IP address each time… Read More »

Aniscartujo VPN review

Aniscartujo VPN Short Review Aniscartujo VPN is a webproxy and VPN service that emerged in 2014. It provides high-speed VPN connections over a gigabit network with IP address from the United States. Aniscartujo VPN services are based on OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. The price of services offered is quite high: 4.95 €/month or 0.2 BTC/year… Read More »

Ananoos VPN review

Ananoos VPN Short Review Ananoos VPN is a company registered in UK, with servers in Netherlands. Ananoon VPN does not offer very complex services, but their servers have a gigabit connection and the company says it does not keep logs with the activity of its customers. Provides VPN services through the openvpn protocol. After registering… Read More »

AirVPN review

AirVPN Short Review AirVPN, created by a small group of activists, hacktivists, hackers in 2010 has a completely free service for anyone in april 2010. It added commercial services to keep the project financially sustainable. AirVPN had two dedicated servers in 2010 and today there have been 219 servers in 20 countries. Today AirVPN is… Read More »

ActiVPN review

ActiVPN Short Review ActiVPN, from Roubaix (France), is part of Privanet Securities Ltd which was launched in Finland in 2011. ActiVPN is a new company, but it has expanded quite fast and now has 60 servers in 32 countries around the world. The strength of ActiVPN services is “low ping”, making it an ideal service… Read More »

12VPN review

12VPN Short Review The 12VPN company is a part of Anusun Limited based in Hong Kong and launched on the market in the year 2009. 12VPN has servers in 25 countries throughout the world and can be used on may different types of devices (computers, phones, tablets and even routers). The 12VPN service seems to… Read More »


Hide My Ass! Hide My Ass!, a virtual private network, provides security while online. It keeps your internet connection hidden behind a firewall that keeps third parties from scanning your activity and picking up sensitive information, such as passwords. Hide My Ass gives you the anonymity and security. Hide My Ass! does not store your… Read More »