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By | August 29, 2018

LimyVPN Short Review

LimyVPN is an old VPN service provider. His web page is active since the beginning of 2013 (the domain was bought in August 2012).

LimyVPN has different pricing plans for multiple subscription types. The differences between subscriptions are the supported protocol, the number of available locations, and the type of IP address offered (dedicated or shared). Of course, the price is different.

LimyVPN does not offer any free account or trial to test its VPN services, but you will get your money back if you fail to use their services within 7 days.

We can not say much about technical support and contact: we did not find a live chat, a functional contact form or an email address for support on their page.

LimyVPN Web site


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LimyVPN Server Locations

LimyVPN has servers in 34 countries: Germany, Canada, France, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Turkey, Czech Republic, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico and Brazil.

LimyVPN Supported Protocols

The protocols supported by LimyVPN are PPTP, PPTP with SSL and OpenVPN.

LimyVPN Supported Devices

VPN services offered by this company can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android devices.

LimyVPN Multiple Connections

LimyVPN does not allow multiple simultaneous connections for its subscribers.

LimyVPN Security

PPTP works with 128 bits encryption. PPTP with SSL and OpenVPN protocols are 2048 bits encryption.

LimyVPN torrentsDoes LimyVPN Allow Torrenting and P2P?

Torrents and p2p file sharing are permited by this VPN provider .”With Limy VPN connection, you will be able to download torrent without any censorship and blocking” (LimyVPN torrents page).

LimyVPN Accounts Types

LimyVPN has four account types: PPTP (Lite and Standard), OPEN (Lite and Standard), PREMIUM (Lite and Standard) and B-BERRY. Differences between account types are accepted protocols, the number of locations and, of course, the price.

LimyVPN Refund Policy

This company offers 7 days money back guarantee (“we will refund 100% of your money within 7 days of your purchase only in case there are huge problems with your VPN package and you are not able to connect after 7 days of persistently trying. But with the help of our efficient team, any problem that might come up can be easily solved.”LimyVPN FAQ page).

LimyVPN Cancel Subscription

You can cancel at the end of the contract.

LimyVPN Logging Policy

They do not store logs with your online activities.

LimyVPN Free Trial

LimyVPN does not offer free trial but you will benefit from 7 days money back.

LimyVPN Tech support

Only a FAQ page and a few links to LimyVPN social accounts. No contact form. No live chat. No visible e-amil address for contact. (Perhaps they only exist for registered users)

LimyVPN best pricesLimyVPN Pricing Plans

This company has more subscription types:

PPTP Lite – $4/month (PPTP protocol, 2 locations)

PPTP Standard – $8/month (PPTP protocol, 22 locations)

Open Lite – $6/month (PPTP with SSL and OpenVPN, 24 locations, access to one server)

Open Standard – $12/month (PPTP with SSL and OpenVPN, 31 locations, access to three servers, dedicated IP)

Premium Lite – $15/moth (PPTP with SSL and OpenVPN, 8 exclusive locations and dedicated IP)

Premium Standard – $19/month (PPTP with SSL and OpenVPN, 34 locations and dedicated IP)

B-Berry – $12/month (PPTP for BlackBerry devices, 20 locations)

On FAQ page LimyVPN says: “Our company offers 25% discount if you order any of our three plans for one year period and 50% for 2 year period.”

LimyVPN paymentLimyVPN Payment Methods

LimyVPN accepts all major credit cards (Master Card, American Express, Visa, Discover) and PayPal.

LimyVPN review

4.00/month (monthly subscription)
LimyVPN logo



Ease of Use







  • Many locations
  • 2048 bits encryption
  • 7 days money back
  • No logs


  • BitCoin is not accepted
  • No contact form
  • No live chat
  • No trial

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