By | June 21, 2018

Hide My Ass!

Hide My Ass!, a virtual private network, provides security while online. It keeps your internet connection hidden behind a firewall that keeps third parties from scanning your activity and picking up sensitive information, such as passwords. Hide My Ass gives you the anonymity and security. Hide My Ass! does not store your information that might give away your identity if a court order forces Hide My Ass to turn over user information.

Investigative journalists use this kind of connection and security to protect their propriety information and identification. It allows them the privacy they need to do their job and protect their identification when tracking sensitive stores and information.


A perk with Hide My Ass! is its ability to work with a smart phone. Most smart phones use virtual private network supporting PPTP protocol. Hide My Ass! uses that same technology, making your smart phone versatile. Another protocol that supports HMA is OpenVPN. If for some reason PPTP protocol is blocked, OpenVPN will most likely work its way around any blockage.

Hide My Ass! offers access to more than 18 thousand IP addresses spread out over 162 servers and server farms. Every time you make a new connection, your computer a new IP address is assigned and as soon as you log off the IP address expires. HMA also provides each user the ability to change virtual locations to anywhere in the world.

Another advantage to Hide My Ass! is the user’s ability to connect to the server of your choice. Customers can also set an IP change at random during a session or set an IP change at predetermined intervals. Anyone tracking your movement will be fooled by your instantaneous worldwide movements or will know you are using an anonymous server to hide your connection and location. That might be enough to send your tracker home and to bed.

HMA offers fast connections at most locations and that is something not all similar services can offer. The program is easy to set up and the learning curve is fairly short. If it is not everything you want, need or expect there is a 30 day money return guarantee.


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